Branded Search Campaigns

Chances are that when an internet user searches for a term with your brand in it, your websites will appear at the top of Google’s organic results, organic meaning not paid. I’m often asked by advertisers if they should pay for this traffic when they are ranked up top for free. My answer is yes they should pay for this traffic because the value of these clicks will almost always be higher than their cost.

If you rank well on a Google results page for your branded terms, your website is one of many others being displayed. The CTR on your result will not be anywhere close to 100%. Therefore, if you do not bid on these terms, you stand the chance of losing their potential value.

Users searching for your website address or brand name are doing it for one of two reasons. They are either trying to get more information about you, or they are looking to visit your site. They could visit your site directly, but instead, they search for its website address in Google in order to find you.

If a user searches for your address as an alternative to going directly to it, they are looking to complete one of the funnels your homepage leads them down. This could be users at the bottom of the decision making funnel who are ready to make a purchase for the 1st time, current customers, job seekers. Regardless, this traffic also has value. It’s important to note that this traffic will only be profitable if you pay less per click than the value the clicks bring. Knowing the action taken by this user will help you determine whether that click was profitable.

Users looking to learn more about your company or products and service may be searching for your brand with an attribute like “reviews”, “scam”, or “coupon”. These are users leaning towards the action stage of the conversion funnel, they are ready to buy, but are slightly apprehensive. This is extremely valuable traffic.

Users who are specifically searching for your brand will respond far better to your ad than that of a competitor’s bid. Your website content will be the most relevant for their inquiry. The result is that the necessary cost per click to outrank competitors bidding on your terms will be very low. This makes bidding on traffic for your branded terms the cheapest and most actionable traffic you can buy.

Next lesson we’ll explore how an easy win with search engine optimization can boost your PPC campaigns’ ROI.

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