Display Campaign Targeting

There are many ways to target users on the Google Display Network. These methods can be broken down into two categories. You can target by the content they are consuming or based on who they are.

Target Users by Content

This includes Placement Targeting,Targeting Topics, and Contextual Targeting.

Earlier I stated that the intent of the user when they click an ad is vital to how they will perform down your sales funnel. Different types of web content can indicate the desire of a user who is more likely to purchase your product. For example, this page which reviews Lenovo Laptops is probably visited by users actively interested in purchasing a Lenovo. Therefore, if you’re selling Lenovo Yoga laptops you might want to display your ads on the page, which, luckily, is on the Google Display Network (GDN). I found this placement by searching for Lenovo Laptop Reviews and clicking on the first result. This intent is probably reflected by most of the users who come to this page.

Placement Targeting

Placement Targeting is the most granular way to target your ads. To target by placement:

  • Enter the ad group you created for your Lenovo Yoga ads.
  • Click on “Placements” on the left side of the navigation menu.
  • Click on the icon that looks like a pencil, choose “Edit Placements” and click on “Edit Multiple Placements”. After you enter and add the placement URL, you’ll see it selected. You may notice that you are now able to see an estimation of your targeting reach which is less than 1k impressions.
  • This will hardly get you the traffic that you’re expecting. So you need more targeting. You could find more placements by using the method searching for an actionable keyword, which we spoke about earlier on.
  • Next, click on websites that appear in the top results and add them as placements to target. You can also find more placements on this page by searching for relevant words and adding them. While this will help you find more targeting, if you take a step back and target websites by their topic, you’ll get better results.

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