Facebook Advertising

The world’s largest social network of 1.35 billion monthly active users provides a great opportunity for businesses to build the brand and increase sales. Facebook advertising take your brand in front of billion users.

You can get the best out of advertising your business and products on this cost-effective platform by working with our Facebook Advertising experts. You will get the best results by paid Facebook advertising only if your account is well structured by experienced professional.

With our Digitalgeetam Facebook advertising campaign management, you will get:

  • Ad account setup
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Experimenting Multiple Ad Platforms
  • Ad Account Optimization
  • Reporting and ROI Accountability
  • Analysis of campaign results and improvements

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Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Highly Advanced Targeting

Facebook offers plenty of targeting option for your ads. You can target your audience based on the demographics. age, geolocation. interest, marital status, page liked, occupation and gender. It helps to reach your potential customer and increase sales by right targeting.

We can also show our ads to the user who visited our website but not converted or the friends of people who liked your page.

There are many hundreds of targeting options. Talk to our Facebook Advertising experts about what targeting options can reach your potential customers.

Precise Measurements

We use google analytics and facebook adverting reporting to analyze the performance of our ad campaign. We also use UTM parameters or URL tagging so that we can get the exact analysis in Google Analytics. Some of the metrics include frequency, clicks. impressions, conversions.

We initially analyze your targeting audiences and set up a campaign to reach them. Then we analyze our data and optimize the campaign to get the best results from the Facebook advertising.

Multiple Ad Formats

Facebook provides multiple ad formats each has its own technique to get the result out of it. Each ad format has space for text and image to convey your message to your targeted customers. Understanding your customers and choosing the action triggering images and text is a very important part of the success of the campaign.

  • Desktop News Feed
  • Desktop Right-Hand column
  • Mobile News Feed
  • Promoted Posts

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