Free Keyword Research Tools

Can you tell me 5 free keyword research tools?

You probably start with Ahrefs, SEMRush, Spyfu and Google keyword planner.

Any other? If you know other free keyword tools, then I am happy for that.

If you don’t know other keyword tools, that too FREE. Now, I am going to share with you 16 FREE keyword research tools only a few digital marketers know.

Each free keyword research tool listed below has its own importance in your keyword research. So, let’s get started,


You just need to enter the desired keyword, it shows related keywords searched in Google, Wikipedia, youtube, amazon, bing, and This tool helps a lot in choosing the right keyword for your SEO.

This tool is very simple and easy to use, it will guide you very good keywords for your keyword analysis.

2) Bing Keyword Research Tool

This tool helps you to get average monthly search volume, competition, average bid for a keyword in Bing search engine. If you are focusing on Bing search engine SEO, then this keyword tool is must for you.

3) Term Explorer

This tool help for bulk keyword analysis and URL analysis. It also helps to add bulk keywords and get search volume, average competition for those keywords in different search engines. You can also add your website and check relevant keywords associated with your website.

4) Keywords Everywhere Extension

This extension is a free keyword research tool helps to get search volume, cost per click data, competition for a particular keyword on multiple websites. It saves your time by showing CPC, search volume in SERP page itself.


This tool helps to get CPC (Cost Per Click), avg.monthly search and competition of your keyword. The most important use of this tool is it generates a list of keywords breaks down results by letter.

Suppose if you search “ content marketing” and the letter “a” shows the results “ content marketing association”, “content marketing academy”.

In addition to web search, you can also get keyword suggestions from images, shopping, youtube, and news.

6) Google Trends

It’s a very useful tool to find the trending topic in the search engine. The horizontal axis of the graph shows time and verticle axis shows how often people are searching for a term.

It also shows the trending topics in various countries, regions, cities, and languages.

7) Seed Keywords

It is a very simple tool to use for keyword research. This tool provides potentially profitable keyword ideas based on the scenario specified.

8) Keyword In

This tool helps to combine your keyword list for AdWords or SEO. It can help you to find phrase match, broad match keywords for your website SEO.

This tool also helps to generate a domain name according to your targeted keyword.

9) Keyword Guru

It helps to get new keywords from Google, Yahoo, eBay, bing and many more search engines. It helps to provide new keywords for your Google ads campaigns or content marketing strategies.

You can also export all related keywords using this tool.

10) Wordstream Free Keyword Niche Finder

This tool helps you to segment, assemble your keyword list. You can easily organize your keywords based on the niches.

It reduces your job of manually researching keywords and helps you to easily priorities keywords for SEO. This tool gives also gives information about the relative frequency, monthly volume search.

11) Answer The Public

This amazing tool provides autosuggestion results provided by Google and bing. It also gives a view of questions and emotions behind that search query.

This tool helps for content writers to understand human search intent behind that search query. This tool is very useful for SEO, content, creative and PR professionals.

12) KWFinder

This tool helps to find keywords that you can easily rank for. You need to enter a keyword, it gives the keyword difficulty score, competitor domains for this keyword, competitor domain authority, minimum domain authority requires to rank this keyword.

By analyzing the keyword difficulty score, you can choose the right keyword for your SEO campaign.

It also gives location dependent keyword difficulty. If you are focusing on local SEO, sure this tool help you.

13) LSI Graph

This tool helps you to generate LSI keywords. LSI keyword is a keyword that is semantically linked to the main keyword. LSI keywords are related to your main keywords.

This tool helps a lot to create SEO friendly content for your website.


This tool is the best alternative for google keyword planner. It helps to get long tail keyword suggestions.

This tool provides keywords which your potential customer’s search, need and desire.

This tool is the best tool for long tail keyword research.

15) Keyword Keg

This tool provides on-page difficulty. an off-page difficulty, SEO difficulty, CTR score for your desired keywords.

This tool helps you to understand buyer intent behind the search query.

16) Keyword Shitter

It is a very simple tool to find bulk keywords. You just need to enter the seed keyword (s) and click on the button “shit keyword”, it will display many long tail keywords until you click “stop shit” button.

So, if you leave without clicking “stop shit” button for 1 hour, it will display more than 1k related search queries.

You can also add positive filters and negative filters to get your desired keyword suggestions.

I recommend it as the best free keyword research tools for long tail keyword analysis. You can use these keyword suggestions in your header tags.

Well, I hope you get to know new free keyword research tools from this blog post. Now, your job is to try all the above keyword research tools and find the most profitable keywords for your SEO or Google Ads campaign.

If you know any new Free keyword research tools, kindly share it in the comment box.

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