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Many people think on-page SEO needs knowledge of coding. But it is wrong, you just need to know which tools help for on-page SEO and how to use them. You can analyze your website on-page SEO with these amazing free on-page SEO tools.

Now, I m going to share with you 16 free on-page SEO tools smart digital marketers use,

1) Google Page Speed Insights

This tool helps to get the real-world performance of your webpage for mobile and desktop devices. It also provides suggestions on how you can improve your webpage.

This tool reports your website performance in terms of Page Speed ( Fast, Slow, Average), Optimization Score (Good, Medium, Low), Page Stats and optimization suggestions.

2) Google Search Console

This is the most recommended free on-page SEO analysis tool for SEO professionals. It helps to track your website’s search performance, testing tools to check your on-page SEO and issues related to your website performance

3) Pingdom Page Speed Analyser

It is again a great tool to find your website performance, website page loading time. You can also test your website in different locations using this tool. This tool also provides suggestions on how you can improve your website loading speed.

3) Schema Creator

Many SEO people are in confusion about how to use schema or structured markup language. But this tool makes it easy to implement schema. This tool helps to generate microdata for the selected group of commonly used types.

If you’re using WordPress as your CMS (Content Management System), then you need to install the plugin- Schema App Structured Data, then you need to follow the easy procedures to implement the schema for your website.

4) XML Sitemap Generator

This tool helps you to generate a sitemap for your website. Creating a sitemap is very important part of on-page SEO because sitemap help to give the blueprint of your website, which helps the search engines to crawl your website easily.

You don’t need knowledge of XML to create a sitemap, you just need to follow these procedures.

1) Go to the site:
2) Put your website URL and download the sitemap.
3) Upload your sitemap to the root folder of your website.

5) Robots.txt Generator

This is a great tool to generate a robots.txt file for your website on-page SEO. Robots.txt helps to tell the search engines which page to crawl and which page to not to crawl.

You can also test your existing robots.txt file using this tool.

6) SEO Quake Extension

This free browser extension helps you to conduct on-page SEO audit of any website in a flash, internal and external links. comparing domains and you can also import your data into a file.

This tool is the most popular tool in the SEO industry for competitor on-page analysis and keyword analysis.

7) SEO Site Checkup

This free tool helps you to analyze your website SEO issues, competitor’s  SEO profile, backlink of any website, competitor strategy and white label reports for your clients.

This tool is free and easy to use and analyze. If you’re a beginner in SEO, this tool is very comfortable for analyzing your SEO work.

8) SERP Rank Check

This premium tool helps to check the ranking of your website for a particular keyword. If you want to see which keywords your website is ranking, then this tools is for you. Even though it is a premium version, you can try using 7-day free trial.

9) Siteliner

This free tool helps you to explore your website and find main issues that affect your website’s content quality and search engine rankings. This tool gives a detailed report of duplicate content, broken links, page power of your website.

Every content writer and on-page SEO professional must ensure that content is original before publishing. So, this tool helps you to create unique content.

10) Screaming Frog SEO Spider

I consider this tool as the best competitor website on- page analysis tool in the industry.

This tool crawls both small and large websites and gives a detailed on-page report, broken links, meta tags, images, response codes, SERP snippet report of your competitor website.

12) Buzz Stream Meta Tag Extractor

This tool helps you to extract title, meta description, keywords from your competitor websites. You can add a list of competitor websites and extract their website meta tags within seconds. Sure, this tool reduces the job of your competitor analysis.

13) SEO Chat’s Meta Tags Google Preview

You just need to enter website URL, within seconds you will get details of meta tags, keywords, robots and screenshot of website presence in the search engine. This tool also gives information about the author of the webpage.

14) Sitemap Inspector

This tool helps you to validate your website sitemap. You can check any errors in your sitemap by using this tool.

15) SEO Crawler

This amazing tool helps you to analyze your on-page SEO activity in one dashboard.

It helps to monitor your website ranking in the search engine, to find-on-page SEO errors, competitor analysis, website analytics, backlinks, keyword research.

16) SEObility

This tool helps for better optimization of your website. This tool gives a detailed report of errors in your website, competitor website comparison, and keyword analysis.

This is a list of my free on-page SEO tools. If you know any other free on-page SEO tools, kindly share it in the comment box.

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