Growth Hacking Strategies For Travel Startups

Travel industry is the most competitive space for startups. If you want to win in this startup race and beat big brands, you should come up with new and working growth hacking strategies for travel startups.

Based on my experience in the travel industry, today I am sharing with you 19 Proven Growth Hacking Strategies For Travel Startups.

So, Let’s get started growth hacking strategies for travel startups.

Some Important Statistics

  1. 64% of people who are thinking to take trip watch travel related videos.
  2. 100 million monthly unique visits to youtube are travelers.
  3. Youtubers are new key influencers in the travel industry.
  4. 45% of travel packages are booked immediately after watching a video.

Growth Hacking Strategies For Travel Startups

1) Influencer Marketing

Find influencers in the travel industry and approach them to promote your travel packages.

Influencer marketing helps your brand to build the online reputation.

Best websites to find influencers – Blogsadda, Blogmint, Digital influence, Followerwonk,, influenza.

2) Affiliate Links

You can target travel bloggers for your tour package affiliate campaigns.

If you are ready to provide 5% commission for every affiliate sale, sure those bloggers give you freebanding and quality leads.

you can use UTM parameter to track results from affiliate marketing campaigns.

3) User Experience in Website

Keep your website user-friendly, mobile-friendly and optimize it for search engines and users.

Structure your website in a way, so that users can easily navigate to their desired pages easily.

Don’t add too many images, javascript sliders in your web pages, it makes your website to load slow, it results in bad user experience.

Videos play an important rule in communicating with your website user. So, keep more testimonials, tour package details in a visual format ( video format).

4) Social Media Marketing

Instagram and youtube is the most important platform for the travel industry.

Add your customer testimonials to your social media platforms.

User Generated Content (UGC)  plays an important role to attract new customers and to show authenticity.

You can run ads on Facebook and Instagram to get leads for your tour packages.

Continuously posting interesting videos, posts in your pages or travel related groups results in good branding. Don’t ignore social media, it is must for the travel industry.

5) Customer Engagement and Customer Retention

By providing discounts on their next tour package, you can retain your existing customers.

Referral techniques also play important role in getting new customers from old customers.

6) Partnership

You can partner with travel bag companies, travel shoe companies, marriage brokers, marriage event organizers, accommodations, transportation, and local travel agents.

If someone purchases travel bag or shoes from your partner company, he will get Rs1000 voucher for your tour package.

Partnering with marriage brokers, marriage event organizer is a growth hacking strategies for travel startups, if you have honeymoon tour packages.

7) User Experience in the Sales Process

If you don’t give satisfied service to your customers. I am sure no growth hacking strategies will work for you.

Focus on quality service, it is the must and should.

8) Conversational Marketing

If you don’t provide the right solutions to the prospect inquiries at the right time at the right place, sure you’re going to lose your prospect.

Add chatbots to your website, it helps for instant customer support and good user experience.

Keep the FAQ section (Frequently Asked Questions) in each landing page of your tour package. So, users can find solutions to their problems easily.

9) Paid Advertising

Organic reach is less on Facebook and you can’t expect instant results from your social media efforts.

So, to run your business constantly, spend on Facebook advertising and Instagram ads.

Key elements – 1) Cheap ads for list building – Lead ads 2) Use eye-catching images 3) Intimate ad copy 4) Attractive landing page 5) Highly targeted

Even getting search engine ranking is very difficult because of high competition, you have to run Google ads to get customers from google search engine.

Facebook ads are cheaper than google ads but the quality of leads is somewhat bad in the travel industry.

So, you should focus on both platform, but ultimately you should derive ROI from both platforms.

9) Remarketing

Don’t leave prospects who visited your website, retarget them by using Facebook ads and remarketing ads.

10) Focus on Competitor Strategy

Follow your competitors, analyze which ad copy working for them? , where they are advertising? how much is there CPC? where they are getting high traffic ?.

You can use Buzzsumo, SEMRush, Spyfu to analyze your competitor’s strategy.

Sometimes, following your competitor’s strategy works for your business.

11) Content Marketing and SEO

86% of B2C marketers use content marketers as their main acquisition channel.

Even you can integrate content marketing with other marketing channels, so don’t ignore content marketing.

Write blogs related to your customer needs, desires, problem.

Optimize your blog for your user and search engine for better user experience.

Promote those blogs on social media, emails. You can generate free highly qualified traffic from these techniques.

Check out – FREE Keyword Research Tools

FREE On Page SEO Tools

12) Season Understanding

Use google trends, keyword research tools to find which season is good for your each tour packages.

Use google keyword planner to find which month, targeted location users are searching more on your tour packages.

Run google ads targeting those users at the right time.

13) Go Viral with Video

A video is the best content format for the travel industry.

Create interesting videos about your tour packages, travel destinations and upload it to your website, social media platforms.

If it becomes viral, then it will be the biggest lead channel for your tour packages.

14) Email Marketing

Avg. email marketing ROI is $40 for every $1 pent.

86% of business professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business.

By writing the email as per your buyer persona, you can gain user attention and retain existing customers.

Send users your best contents through email, it helps to retain your existing customers and attract new customers.

15) Guest Blogging

It will work, find the list of top blogs in the travel industry.

Send mail to all those bloggers, asking for a free backlink to your website in exchange for money or guest blog.

Sure many of them will accept, they may charge some thousand rupees to accept but it will help with your website SEO.

16) Create Online Communities

Create Facebook groups for travel lovers, share valuable, interesting content in those groups.

Don’t post about your tour package all the time, share your promotion and valuable content in the ratio of 20:80.

17) Create Ebooks

Create free ebooks that help your prospects, keep it free download in exchange of email id.

You can again target those customers through email marketing, remarketing techniques.

18) Sponsoring Events and Conferences

Sponsor events, where your targeted customers usually attend, it results in good branding.

You can keep offers for all attendees of the event or they can refer to their friends or family member with a referral code.

It works because nobody wants to lose offers in their hand. But plan how you can derive ROI from this campaign.

19) A/B Testing

Continuously A/B test your website elements.

By using heat maps, you can analyze where users are spending the most time on your website, why users are not filling a form.

By the results of A/B testing and heatmaps, optimize your website for better user experience.


Well, now your job is to plan and execute all these strategies.

Remember, your execution of these strategies results in more sales. So, start taking actions right now.

If you know any other growth hacking strategies for travel startups, kindly comment below.

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