xml sitemap

XML Sitemap | Technical SEO

XML Sitemap What is XML Sitemap? An XML sitemap is a file that contains individual pages of the website. It helps search engines to get a much better understanding of the structure and volume of content of a website. Is…

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Website Performance Optimization

Website Performance Optimization | Technical SEO

Website Performance Optimization Introduction to Page Speed  Google has been pushing for fast loading sites for a while now. From my perspective though, website performance optimization is mostly a user experience topic, if anything. Granted, it helps with SEO, delivering…

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URL Redirects | Technical SEO

URL Redirects What is URL Redirects? Whenever the URL structure of a site changes in a way that a URL would no longer be accessible, you need a redirect. Otherwise, you would lose your organic rankings and ultimately your organic…

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JavaScript SEO Technical SEO

JavaScript SEO | Technical SEO

JavaScript SEO  Nowadays more than 97% of all sites are using some kind of JavaScript. This means that Google`s regular crawler can’t see what is happening in those areas because Javascript is executed on the client’s side. If you go…

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internal linking technical seo

Internal Linking | Technical SEO

Internal Linking  In this blog, we are talking about internal linking. Internal linking is one of the most complex things to get right in SEO. Larger sites with a lot of content and many different URLs are especially complex to…

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Log File Auditing | Log Files

Log File Auditing What is Log File Auditing? Log files are generally stored on a web server and – simply speaking – contain a history of each and every access by a person or crawler to your website. Log file…

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accelerated mobile pages amp

Accelerated Mobile Pages | AMP

AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages What is AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages? Google’s framework for better performance is called AMP, accelerated mobile pages. It’s kind of like a very stripped-down HTML for maximum performance, consisting of text and images only. Everything else…

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structured data schema markup

Structured Data | Schema | Technical SEO

Structured Data The general idea behind structured data is that it can extend regular HTML markup and give more context and meaning to other content that is already available on the site. Let’s say a website has a zip code…
international seo

Ultimate Guide To Advanced International SEO | Technical SEO

[kkstarratings] Introduction to multi / International domain setups International SEO is a very complex topic with many different aspects to it. In this course, we’ve mostly talked about Google so far. We covered how Google does certain things and how…
x-robots header

X robots header | X robots Directives | Technical SEO

X robots header One of the problems with Google being very greedy and trying to crawl and index almost every file type and URL they can find is that they also will end up trying to index PDFs or even…

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seo friendly url

Top 11 Guidelines To Create SEO Friendly URL

Top 11 Guidelines To Create SEO Friendly URL Search engines place some weight on keywords in your URLs. Be careful, however, as the search engines can interpret long URLs with numerous hyphens in them (e.g.,Buy-this-awesome-product-now.html) as a spam signal. The…

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Post Redirect Get Pattern | Technical SEO

Post Redirect Get Pattern | Faceted Navigation One of the biggest challenges in SEO is managing URL inventory, particularly if you work with e-commerce sites that have many categories and subcategories. Often there are different types of filters which can…

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