PLA (Shopping) Campaigns

Google offers a different ad type triggered by a search called a product listing ad. These are triggered by terms searched for by users at the bottom of the funnel and are ready to buy. These users are searching for keywords specifying a particular product. For this reason, PLA ads are more akin to product listings than ads, hence their name. The ad itself is composed of an image of the product, a title, the name of your store, and the product price. There’s no need for a description or sales pitch as the person searching knows exactly what they want. These users are interested in knowing it is what they’re looking for, who they’re buying from, and how much they have to spend on it. Google only serves shopping campaigns to certain countries so you should confirm that your country is listed before you start. You’ll also need a Google Merchant Account linked to your Ads account. In Europe, this account could be with a Google Merchant Partner.

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