<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- Your Comment -->
<title> This is title </title>
My name is Manoj


  • Tells the browser that document uses html page structure


  • Part of code ignored by the browser, note for the developer.
  • We can write comment anywhere in html.

html tag

  • Entire content of html file in html tag.

head tag

  • useful information i.e not visible to user.
  • title tag – name of page. appears in browser.

body tag

  • contains all the visible content of page.
  • it includes text, images, links and videos.
  • div tag – create different sections.
  • The HTML document is divided into two major parts:
  • HEAD: contains information about the document:
  • Title of the page (which appears at the top of the browser window)
  • Meta tags: used to describe the content
  • JavaScript and Stylesheets generally require statements in th document Head
  • BODY: Contains the actual content of the document
  • This is the part has different sections that will be displayed in the
  • browser window

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